In-Plant Modular Office Buildings

Whether you’re enclosing people, a critical process or products, single story in-plant modular buildings can be designed to provide the acoustic, thermal and structural performance your project requires. These easy-to-assemble systems can be customized in an infinite number of ways to meet your in-plant building requirements.

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    A-WALL 200 Single Story Modular Offices

    The A-WALL 200 offers the benefits of a modular in-plant office, but with the appearance of convention construction. These buildings feature fine line seams, panels that can be painted to match your corporate colors, and hidden, friction-fit steel studs. Baked enamel finished connecting components resist corrosive environments and are factory cut to size for fast assembly.

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    A-WALL 300 Single Story Modular Offices

    The A-WALL 300 is the most versatile in-plant building system available. I-Studs located at the panel connections significantly reduce installation time and allow for custom heights. Full wall thickness at panel connections and corners insures consistent sound and temperature control as well as creating a uniform fire barrier. Choose from vinyl, FRP, steel, or paintable panel surfaces.

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    A-WALL 400 Two Story Modular Offices

    The A-WALL 400 is a two-story in-plant office system that takes advantage of wasted, overhead space, and exceeds national standards governing load and deflection. Assembly is fast, using lightweight, galvanized steel floor joists and simple hanger bracket assemblies. The second story floor is constructed of 3/4″ tongue and groove premium plywood, ready for tile or carpet.

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    A-WALL 500 Exterior Buildings

    A-WALL 500 exterior buildings are ideal for guard houses, attendant’s booths, equipment enclosures, and any application where you require a durable, environmentally controlled building. The welded, structural steel base is equipped with fork pockets for ease of handling and a 3/4” tongue and groove plywood floor and sheet vinyl floor covering for easy maintenance.

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    Forkliftable Modular Offices

    Forkliftable modular offices are factory assembled on a steel base and perfect for applications that require frequent relocation. The base is welded steel to insure its structural integrity during relocation. Reinforced forklift openings are provided on two sides for accessibility, and accept standard fork sizes. Forkliftable offices are also available as kits that can be assembled and wired on-site.

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    Pre-Engineered Mezzanine Offices

    Pre-engineered mezzanine buildings allow you to utilize space you already own. The economics are simple. Overhead space is heated, well lit and in most cases, wasted. Building a modular office above or below a mezzanine converts overhead space to productive space at a fraction of the cost of new construction. You can also use both levels of the mezzanine to create a truly flexible, 2-story building.

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